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Asuras Wrath's Guide to Prayer

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#1 Asuras Wrath

Asuras Wrath


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Posted 13 March 2017 - 02:58 PM

Welcome everyone to my in-detail guide on Prayer and what would be the best bones to get to 99!


For those of you who are really new to a runescape game the over view of prayer is that you need to bury bones or use them on an alter in order to gain xp in the skill to give you access to a variety of prayers to help you in PVP or PVM.


From the screenshot shown above you can use this gilded alter to help progress faster in the skill Prayer substantially! 


Now to get into the xp rates of all the different kinds of bones you can use. I will be doing a comparison as well of using bones on the floor and using them on the Gilded Altar and how many it would take you to get to 99 with those specific bones.


1. Normal bones: Normal bones can be obtained from anything normal npc that isn't giant or boss related. Burying normal bones gets you 90xp per bone. To get from 1-99 using just normal bones on the floor it would take you 144,827 normal bones. However using normal bones on the Gilded Altar gets you 180xp which is double that of using them on the floor so it would only take you 72,413 normal bones to get from 1-99 using them on the Gilded Altar.


2. Big Bones: These can normally be obtained with anything NPC with the term "Giant" in its name. Using Big Bones on the floor gets you 360xp per bone to get from 1-99 you would need to bury 36,206 Big Bones. However using Big Bones on a Gilded Altar would get you 720xp per Big Bone and would take you 18,103 Big Bones to get you from 1-99 via Gilded Altar.


3. Dragon Bones: These can be found from any normal coloured dragon from green to the King Black Dragon. These are often collected and sort out more by players because it also provides great profit. Using Dragon Bones on the floor yields 1,440xp per Dragon Bone which means you would need 9,051 Dragon Bones to achieve 1-99. However using Dragon Bones on the Gilded Altar yields 2,880xp per Dragon Bone via Gilded Altar which means you would only need 4,575.5 Dragon Bones to achieve 1-99 Prayer.


4. Lava Dragon Bones: These bones are found by killing Lava Dragons in the Wilderness. Beware players Wilderness is PVP and the area near by is multi so be cautious when killing these specific dragons. Using Lava Dragon Bones on the floor yields 1,700xp per Lava Dragon Bone which would mean you need 7,667 Lava Dragon Bones to achieve 1-99 Prayer. However using these bones on a gilded Altar achieves 3,400xp per Lava Dragon Bone which means it would only take 3,833 Lava Dragon Bones to achieve 1-99 Prayer via the Gilded Alter.


5. Skeletal Wyvern Bones (Donators Only): If you're a donator you have the option of taking a trip to the Skeletal Wyverns to gather their bones for Prayer. These are very popular amongst donators because of how much money they yield. Using a Wyvern bone on the floor yields 1,900 xp per Wyvern Bone which means you would need to bury 6,860 Wyvern Bones to achieve 1-99 Prayer. However using these bones on a Gilded Altar means you would be achieving 3,800xp per Wyvern Bone which means you would need 3,430 Wyvern Bones to achieve 1-99 Prayer.


For Donators Skeletal Wyverns are obviously the best choice to get Prayer up with, however for those of you who aren't donators you should stick to Lava Dragons if you want to risk getting them! For those of you who want to play it safe you can kill normal dragons or the King Black Dragon for money and Dragon Bones to help you get from 1-99. It is more than worth it using the bones on the Gilded Altar to help get you there faster.


Thank you for reading this Guide on Prayer hopefully it will help you inform you on how many bones you will need to get to 99 and what would be best suited for you. :)

Asuras Wrath

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#2 D4nkest



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Posted 13 March 2017 - 03:38 PM

Nice work karl keep it up looks good and very detailed

Will help alot of people get an understanding


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